Queensland VSTS User Group presentation

On Friday 5th December 2008 I will be presenting at the Queensland VSTS User Group. The abstract of my talk is below:

Using Business Intelligence to simplify reporting with TFS

We’ve all seen how TFS can simplify your source control, build automation and work item tracking. The next obvious thing to do is make use of all that data with powerful Business Intelligence reporting that comes with TFS due to the Analysis Services cube. Since reporting is something developers tend not to want to do, I will demonstrate how you as a developer can go about your regular daily development tasks (potentially making use of contest winner TFS Working On) while keeping your project manager happy. And as a project manager, how you can slice and dice the data to identify scheduling issues, build qualities, even the expense break-down of features.

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Demos Happen Here – State Finals

Last night I was fortunate enough to participate in the Queensland State Finals for the Demos Happen {Here} competition. Congratulations to David Apelt who did an excellent demo and will be representing Queensland at the national finals at Tech Ed in Sydney. I would also like to thank Andrew Coates and Roger Lawrence for running the competition and hosting the night.

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Demos Happen Here

Queensland VSTS User Group ran it’s demo fest last Friday. I participated. Here is my demo’s abstract:

Taking Command of Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2008 has become one very sharp tool. With all tools learning how and when to use it correctly can make life easier. In this demo I will be showing you how to increase efficiency and maximize productivity by utilizing Visual Studio 2008. I will be covering Tips & Tricks around File Management, Navigation, using the Editor, Debugging and Customisation. This will include a vast array of short cut keys which are worth learning and commands you didn’t know existed that will save you time. Going further onto customisation I will demonstrate Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) with Microsoft PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008 and other very useful extensions.

Below is the video that was taken on the day. This is also available from the Demo’s Happen Here site.

I’ve talked about PowerCommands before, and here is where to get RockScroll.

Anthony posted the results of the mornings sessions. Of course I was a little disappointed to be one point behind winning. But the result is also encouraging and I did have a lot of fun. I hope to do some more presentations soon at some upcoming user groups.

Thank you to Anthony Borton for putting the morning together, and use of his laptop for my presentation. Thank you to John O’Brien for recording the video.