DDD Brisbane 2016 – From Developer To Entrepreneur

Matthew Rowan Presenting at DDD Brisbane 2016
Matthew Rowan presenting at DDD Brisbane 2016 – Photo by Bronwen Zande

I was fortunate enough to be able to present my talk titled From Developer To Entrepreneur: A Solo Founders’ Journey. Thank you to the organizers for a great day and those who voted to see my talk. The feedback I received after my talk was very encouraging, thank you to those who gave it.

I’ve had a few requests for the slides so I’ve put them here:

For my records here’s the written feedback I received:

Rating Liked/Disliked Improvements
5 Brilliant, loved this talk. Packed with so much information and the speakers enthusiam was really captivating. Nope
5 Very inspirational! .
5 Great presentation. Thanks for sharing. No
5 Great presenter, enthusiastic, usefull info N/a
4 Good startup advice Web site
5 Very energetic and informative no
5 full with reality experience sharing and lot of good tips in term of tool and services All good
5 Great talk! No suggestions.
5 Awesome. Engaging presenter, with great advice No
5 Fast paced and brilliant Perfect
5 Very interesting stories, resources and content None
5 Great presentation None
5 Engaging and full of helpful resourxes Na
5 Entertaining session More screens for slides. Not properly visible from back or sides
5 Very engaging presenter. Great info and relevant to local scene. Excellent resources provided. None
4 Interesting journey No
5 Well presented, good flow, had my attention for the whole session. Thanks for sharing with us your journey and experiences. .
5 Cool story. Lots of tools introduced. No. It was perfect.
5 Really straight to the point Give me all your networks!
5 Great story and presentation about pointers to startup journey. More stories about challenges which were faced. At any point, did you decide to not proceed it?
4 Very positive and inspiring talk with practical information. Nope
5 The whole presentation flowed really well and was very engaging. Alsp provoded a lot of great information. Not really, maybe a bit more audience participation.
4 Like all the tips and tricks Cut down the amount of topics
5 Lots of information None
5 Best of the session for me in the day Real story and tools to get the presenter where he is now
5 Awewome, inspiring, great tips! No it was great.
5 Motivation at its peak. The best session of the day. Value for the money of DDD ticket. Lol. Matthew is superclass speaker. No suggestion at all. Thank you to organizing team for such excellent session.
4 Interesting to know what people look for in a start-up Got a little long towards the end with the tools. Would have liked to hear more about marketing etc
5 All None
5 Good to hear advice from someone with first hand experience in a treacherous scene So much info Nein
5 Was awesone No
5 Awesome. So much useful information. Would like to see the slides made available
5 Best presentation of conference. Well done, so much great info and well delivered. No
5 Content was very informative, great tips. It was a great presentation. Can’t really think of any areas for improvement.
5 Great insights None
4 Good info. Good story. No.
5 Good inspirational session More time, but was great.
5 Nice lists and tips from the real world Get more traction 😛
5 Really good content and really engaging presentation. Would be nice to hear more about how you turned your MVP into a product you are happy to run in production and charge for.
5 Very motivational with some great practical applications. Demo of his product
5 Very very informative. Top notch Nooe

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