TFS Working On – Version 1.2 Released

I have finally released TFS Working On 1.2. You can download it from here. It includes basic support for TFS 2010 with Team Explorer 2008 Forward Compatibility update installed and the following features:

Menu Query list

You can select an existing TFS query from the configuration pages to use a quick start list accessible from the TFS Working On menu. This removes the need to search for work items, and you can just pick them off your list.

Note: TFS 2010 Hierarchical Queries are not yet supported.

Prompt on resume

When you are away from your computer and TFS Working On automatically pauses monitoring, you can enable the option to be prompted on resume. You are given the option to Record the time away, for the instances when you were working on the work item, just not on the computer, like in a meeting or discussion with a colleague. Resume working, time away is not recorded, like going out for lunch, and coming back to continue. Or Stop, time away is not recorded and you do not resume working on the selected work item.

Cancel Currently Working On

You can now cancel your current working on, preventing any time being recorded against the work item.

Work Item Title Tooltip and Notification

The title of your current work item is now displayed in the balloon notification and the TFS Working On notification tray icon tooltip.

Data Warehouse Processing (TFS 2008 only)

TFS Working On allows updating of the Data Warehouse and TFS Analysis Service cube on from the Configuration pages. This forces an update without the need to remote onto the TFS Server or wait for the scheduled time. Useful when you need to ensure you Warehouse data accurately reflects the current Work Item data when generating a report to distribute.

Existing Raised Bugs Fixed




ItemUpdatedOnServer error selected work item from search results


Time not logged if you shut computer down


WorkingOn – Configuration File Save – crash

Version 1.3

I can now begin work on the next version. I have the goals outlined here which are currently just native TFS 2010 support and Windows 7 Integration. I have begun organizing the work item list to prioritize new features. I have you preferences please raise a work item and vote for features you want done first.

I would like to thank Patrick Smacchia from NDepend who have graciously sponsored TFS Working On with a professional license. NDepend is a static analyzer 100% integrated in VS that simplifies managing complex .NET code base and achieve high code quality. This analysis will highlight to me clearly the dependencies relationships I have in the TFS Working On and enable to correct it much easier. I already know I have violated the Single Responsibility Principle greatly to get it out the door in time for the first release, now I have the best tool around to help me fix it. Below is an image of the dependencies from NDepend.

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