TFS Working On – Version 1.3 Released

This release of TFS Working On includes is mostly just about TFS 2010 native support but includes some minor things that were annoyingly missing from the previous version.

Firstly, native TFS 2010 support. This means no need to install Team Explorer 2008 and the forward compatibility update. Unfortunately you still need Team Explorer 2010 since Microsoft has not released TFS API redistributables, as far as I know. Some of the nice things that come with TFS 2010 support hierarchical queries in the context menu and native query picker for the menu query.

Hierarchical Menu Query

Query picker

ClickOnce deployment is now used. The intent it too easily allow users to know if updates are available, since I have such a sporadic release timeline. Note that you will need to manually uninstall the previous version. In theory the two should coexist. I haven’t tried it and I don’t recommend it. Having the two would just become confusing. The installer is still available if that’s your cup-of-tea.

I would like to thank some volunteers that helped with this release contributing to the project. It is great to know it is not just my work team using TFS Working On and others are finding the tool useful and a great time saver.

Here is the simple everyday improvements made that should alleviate users:

  • Refresh option in the Menu Query
  • Rounding time tracked to 2 decimal places
  • Right-click context menu to allow viewing working items from the search results
  • Prompt for estimate if none set
  • Esc key dismisses Select Work Item dialog
  • Work Item mappings stored in version control
  • For more details see the Documentation.

As usual a bunch of bugs fixes included:




Unhandled exception viewing current working on work item when connection to server is lost


Permissions on shared configuration file


Move format of workitem history update entry to configuration


TFS 2010 hierarchical query in context menu exception


Menu Query exception when Query no longer exists


Duration, remaining and elapsed time fields don’t get updated if no mappings are defined for the first team project in "Connect…" list


Switching connections causes error in FormSearchWorkItems with TFS 2010 upgrade


Mappings Path no longer working with TFS 2010 upgrade


Query List no longer working with TFS 2010 direct connection upgrade


Default Mappings path fails due to folder not existing


Last item in query menu does not work if at bottom of screen

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