Dalkerry Software

General Privacy Policy

Dalkerry Software does not track, record, store, give away or sell any personal information.

BigPond Usage


20/01/2015 – The BigPond web site has been updated again. I am currently working on another solution.

26/06/2013 – Update submitted to Windows Store for web site updates.

22/06/2013 – The BigPond web site appears to have removed the web page that the usage details are retrieved on. I have submitted the a removal of the app listing from the Windows Store until I can develop a new version for the new site. Thank you all who have sent in error reports and for your patience.

16/01/2013 – Update submitted to Windows Store for web site updates.

14/01/2013 – Login has begun failing due to updates to the BigPond web site.

Privacy Policy

Telstra BigPond is not affliated in anyway with this Application. Your username and password are stored only in your Windows 8 account and only used via a secure https connection to the Telstra BigPond service to download usage data. BigPond Usage does not collect information about identity, position, or data of its users. The account details are never collected by Dalkerry Software or sold or given to any third party.

To remove your credentials from the app, simply clear the username and password fields in the settings.

Version History

Version – Submitted to Windows Store 16/01/2013

Updates required due to BigPond update their web site starting on the 14/01/2013.

Version – Released 3/01/2013

Fixed new year bug where time remaining was over 365 days.

Version – Released 26/12/2012

Live Tile now updates every 60 minutes if enabled to run in background.
Last Updated time displayed on Live Tile.
Fixed remaining Time negative or wrong. Due to end of year cross over on current bill period.
Fixed Live Tile showing incorrect remaining about due to 3 digits being cropped. Now caps at 99 as shows GB+.
Login Failure now shows failure message returned from BigPond website.
Fixed missing icon from Windows Store listing

Version – Release 10/12/2012

Displays your Telstra BigPond account usage in a simple and clear way and includes a Live Tile. Shows amount used compared to time through the month.

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