Queensland VSTS User Group presentation

On Friday 5th December 2008 I will be presenting at the Queensland VSTS User Group. The abstract of my talk is below:

Using Business Intelligence to simplify reporting with TFS

We’ve all seen how TFS can simplify your source control, build automation and work item tracking. The next obvious thing to do is make use of all that data with powerful Business Intelligence reporting that comes with TFS due to the Analysis Services cube. Since reporting is something developers tend not to want to do, I will demonstrate how you as a developer can go about your regular daily development tasks (potentially making use of contest winner TFS Working On) while keeping your project manager happy. And as a project manager, how you can slice and dice the data to identify scheduling issues, build qualities, even the expense break-down of features.

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Bluetooth Auto Lock Gadget – Released

It has almost been one year since my first post, which was about my Auto Lock Vista Sidebar gadget. However, this gadget was only available on Si-Mi. So today I have released it on Windows Live Gallery, here, to hopefully be able to be useful to more people. [Update 7 Oct 2011: Microsoft has retired the gallery, but you can still get the gadget from my SkyDrive]
Usage instructions are as follows:

The Auto Lock Gadget automatically locks the computer when the selected Bluetooth device is out of range. The intention is that the gadget is paired with a Bluetooth device, such as a phone, that is carried with you. When you walk away from your computer with your phone, the gadget will automatically lock the computer, leaving it secure when you leave.

Before Using the Gadget

To get started you must create a pairing for your Bluetooth device to your computer.

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Select Hardware and Sound

3. Select Bluetooth Devices

4. Click Add… and following the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard

5. Once this is completed you are ready to use the Auto Lock Gadget

Using the Auto Lock Gadget

1. Drag the Auto Lock gadget onto your Sidebar or Desktop

2. Click the Discover Devices button

The drop down list will now be populated with your available Bluetooth

3. Select the device you want to connect to

4. Click the Enable AutoLock button

5. Now when your Bluetooth device goes out of range your computer will automatically lock


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TFS Working On Wins!

My entry to the Coolest Team System Gadget Contest has been announced the winner! Many thanks to Mike Azocar for hosting the competition and the judges Martin Woodward and Ed Blankenship.

Version 1.1 is hopefully not too far away with many features and improvements slated. You can currently get an early installer of it from CodePlex which contains a User Activity Timeout feature. This automatically stops recording time when you get pulled away from your desk, and starts up again when you are back.

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