2 years today!

Our mission to enable enjoyable governance for any organization is only just getting started. Feedback from our customers has been very good, and 100% running their monthly meetings, have renewed after a year on the platform. Others are joining them and over the last 6 months the average growth rate is 12% month on month.

Below is a timeline highlighting a few milestones since we began.

More Partners

A big part of our effectiveness comes from our partners delivering great services to our joint customers. Our partner program enables professional services such as accountants/auditors, lawyers and governance/business consultants, to bundle, resell or white-label our software. This provides the customer a great service by putting good practices in place which is then backed up by our technology platform.

We are signing up more partners and if you want to find our more visit https://processpa.com/partners.html.

Capital Raising

We are looking at options to drive growth to allow us to build a stronger product and reach more customers. We are in a process of capital raising as one of those options. We pass the early stage innovation company (ESIC) self-assessment which provides tax incentives for early stage investors.

We are looking for cornerstone investors who understand the industry and opportunity and would like to work with us to achieve our vision. If you know anyone that may be interested we would appreciate an introduction.

Going Forward

Over the last two years we have learnt many things. Over the next year I intend to share these stories in the hope it will help someone else in their first two years.

I’ll be at the Startup Spring – Silicon Beach Brisbane Event tonight and look forward to catch up with many of you that have help me along the way. None of this could have been done without the vibrant community we have and the many who give freely of their time and expertise to help.

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