Hello WordPress

I have now completed the move to WordPress from Windows Live Spaces. It was a good kick to be given and I am already enjoying the great statistics provided by WordPress. I do still want to adjust the Theme and get to know more of the way WordPress works but there are higher priority things I am interested in.

I am really motivated at the moment by Software by Rob to get going with my own software products. Anyone wishing to write their own software this is a must read. Rob freely shares his start-up and marketing experiences that are invaluable. So following Why you should start Marketing the day you start coding I have bought a domain name and some hosting and activated it last night. In the next week I plan to put up my Landing Page. I will be detailing here how things are going along the way for my personal log and anyone who is interested. This will be my first time trying to sell a product after two "successful" free products, TFS Working On and Bluetooth Auto Lock Gadget. I have no idea how well I will be able to sell it, but once I have a little more information I will be setting small financial and user targets. This project won’t be so much about making money but more on the experience. I want to understand what is involved first hand. It is a product in a domain I am very comfortable with and will help me out regardless if anyone else finds it worthwhile.

The product, Search TFS.


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