DevSta Entry – Mobile Memory Speed

Recently, I entered the DevSta {Challenge 2008}. The Challenge Brief was release at 0808 EST on Monday 29 September. This was the start of 200 hours and 8 minutes to develop a Windows Client, Mobile or Silverlight application or a Vista Gadget based on the theme Old School / New Cool. Not only was the time very limited, since I do work full time and have a 3 month old son, but thinking of an idea to fit the theme, that would be exciting and able to be completed in time, was difficult. Asking many people the only responses for ideas I got, was games. That is fine, and there were some good suggestions, but the time constraints meant I would never get these finished.

My idea ended up being the simple game of Memory on a Windows Mobile device. The "new cool", was to make it Speed, in which matched pairs would turn back over after a time out. Not a very cool idea I understand, but it is additive to play nonetheless. Below is the description of my submission:

Mobile Memory Speed brings the classic ‘old school’ card game Memory to the Windows Mobile Platform with a new twist. As you match the pairs, if you don’t finish quick enough, the pairs will start to flip back. This game comes complete with Difficulty options up to 40 pairs, which is enough to challenge anybody. Game high scores and statistics are also recorded to ensure you have a goal to beat.


I was able to complete the application within 10 hours and am very happy with the result. It feels like a completed product, although I have had many more suggestions for features to mix up the game further. The winners have been announced and unfortunately my entry is not among them. All in all it was a good experience putting something together so quickly. It has given me more motivation to just get in there and write more applications. Thanks also to Microsoft, the sponsors, the judges and the guys that organised the competition, and congratulations to the winners! I look forward to participating next year. Until then, I have made an installer for Mobile Memory Speed if you would like to give it a go. Note that the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 is required.|_Setup.CAB

One thought on “DevSta Entry – Mobile Memory Speed

  1. Hey Matthew,
    Well done on MMS. No matter what say I think it IS cool.
    Having had three kids I know how hard it can be to find any spare time when you have a 3 month old (congrats on that too btw). I look forward to seeing your entry next year.

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