Circle of Interest

Recently, Steve Nagy nominated me to continue on with the circle of interest started by Paul Stovell stating the technology areas where I will be focusing my efforts. So here it is:

Core – Green
This area consists of things which I already know fairly well, but I know I can learn a whole lot more. They also fall directly what I am working on at the moment, so I have a good opportunity to make good on doing these things better.

Non-Core – Blue
I am quite interested in these and will get to use them this year, but I will not get a deep level of understanding, or a great deal of experience, as I will with the core items.

No More Time – Red
I’m overly curious. I like technology. But with the whole point of the circle, is to ensure I’m not a jack of all trades, and master of none. These items just get pushed out.

There are things that I didn’t fit on my list, like Expression Studio, Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center. These are things I tinker with, but it is something that I won’t get much time, but I like to be able to get by. For example, I used Expression Design to draw the circle. Other technologies, like Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, IIS 7, and other environmental and system administration tasks I am able to get familiar with, due to my work in WiX, MSI and deployment. But I need to utilise others expertise in these areas, because I don’t have time to learn it all myself, but again, like to be able to get by.

Another interesting thing, is that putting the items in a graphic, just made things so much easier to see. When I began drafting, I wrote the items in lists, and it just was not clear. I guess that is a testament to Mind Maps

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