TFS Working On – Version 1.1 Released

Today I have set the TFS Working On beta to release for version 1.1. The code has not changed since the end of November 2008 and I have been using it full time along with 9 more developers at my work. This has provided us with excellent data in TFS, that we are now actively reporting our schedule on. There are many more features that I wanted to get in, but since this release has had such a long testing time, with no significant issues, I thought it worthwhile to cut the release. I can now get on with the new features, without the risk of destabilizing this build. Download the release and try it out. If you find any issues or have any feature requests, please log them. I do also prioritize on votes, so be sure to vote on features you want to see in. Below are the usage instructions:

TFS Working On is a simple system tray utility that makes it easier to record your time spent on TFS Work Items.

Simply specify your server and project, then search for your Work Item and you are tracking your time.

The icon turns green to notify you that you are tracking your time.

This will record your time in the history of the work item whenever you stop working on the item. To stop working on, double click the icon or select stop from the menu, and the work item is updated and the icon turns red.

You can also specify your estimates against a work item so that you can record how you are going.

Access to the work item is available.

With some very simple configuration the estimates can be mapped to the TFS Work Item fields, per work item type, per project. This can be performed by one member of the team, most likely the one responsible for setting up the project, and then stored on the network share for all team members to reference.

Features can be configured here also. Hovering over the help icon will give you details of the settings.

Auto Time Out will automatically stop working on when the computer is idle for the set time, and resume when activity begins again.

Nag will remind you when you are not working on anything.

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